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Learning Path Childcare strives to provide a safe, stimulating, and high quality environment for children ages six weeks to 12 years. Our focus is to promote social and cognitive growth in your children while never compromising safety or enjoyment. The Learning Path staff is committed to high quality care for the families that we serve. We provide a home like environment where we are continually offering encouragement and support for your child.

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We help build security and the beginning foundation of the children’s curiosity to grow. Our teachers work hard at building a strong foundation not just with our children, but with the families too. Together, we help get a schedule in place through good communication that is beneficial for the child. Stability, comfort and security are our main focus here. We introduce tummy time, while working on our beginning motor skills. We introduce shapes, colors, letters, numbers and read age appropriate books to them. All of our teachers here at Learning Path Childcare are encouraged to build security with every child here. Building a solid bond from the beginning.

Here, we help build the child’s sense of exploration! We continue to introduce letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and beginning phonic sounds. We start each day with circle time, where we go over the calendar, sing and act out songs, show flashcards and read age appropriate books. They do daily classwork that follows with the letter and number of the week combined with fun, creative learning activities and motor skill activities that they will do throughout the day. We introduce transitioning and how to stay in our group when we leave the classroom onto the next activity. At this age the children begin to follow a daily schedule that includes breakfast time, lunch time, nap time, outside time (weather permitting) and snack time. We also begin learning about ourselves and our identity.

We continue what was introduced in our 12 to 17 month room into our 18 to 24 month room, along with helping the child learn about their identity and the roles that the people around them play. Just like in our 12 to 17 month room, we do daily circle time, classwork and learning activities throughout the day, and introduce more hands on, creative activities. Children learn about themselves, what they like/do not like, their teachers along with their peers. They begin vocalizing and identifying more words and sounds. We also introduce the potty to our more eager children who are ready to take on the next milestone.

We continue with learning about ourselves and about building independence. We learn how to use our words, not our actions especially in situations we are not comfortable in. We continue learning words that tell us about our feelings and what those feelings mean. We learn to do more things for ourselves, building confidence, learn about sharing and emotions. We do circle time daily, reading, singing, building our motor skills, along with daily classwork and learning activities throughout the day. With this age group we are potty training, learning how to help ourselves and our classmates, what important roles the people around us play and more creative, hands on approaches to learning. We learn about the importance of boundaries. We continue to build strong, lasting bonds with our families using communication as the foundation. This is a very active, curious stage and we focus hard on nurturing and allowing it to grow through a variety of learning approaches.

We continue to learn about ourselves, our classmates, our family and the important roles the people around us play. We start each morning with circle time, going over the calendar, songs, reading, and what activities we will be focusing on today. At this stage, we are also starting to notice the difference between boys and girls. We continue to learn about the importance of boundaries. This classroom will begin to introduce cutting using safety scissors, how to hold and write with a pencil correctly, introduce sight words, building self-confidence, and continuing to use more hands-on approach to learning. We help your child develop good language skills by speaking to him in complete sentences and using “grown up” words. We focus hard on helping the child use the correct words and phrases. We also help your child through the steps to solve problems when she is upset and how to use our words. This is a very fun, exciting stage for a child because in this stage they want to learn independence.

In this room we continue building on what was focused and implemented in our 3 to 4 year old room. We do encourage more independence to ready our children for Kindergarten. We focus hard on walking in a correct line, hands to ourselves, learning to transition smoothly and quietly, using our words not our actions, learning patience, continuing to learn boundaries, the important roles everyone around them play, learning and completing small tasks assigned to them. We continue with our daily circle time, daily assigned classwork, reading and continue introducing more sight words and bigger numbers. This is such a fun, curious age and an eagerness to learn.

We do provide after school pick-up for both Marble Falls Elementary and Colt Elementary schools. The children come back to the center where a snack and drink are provided, the children have a chance to do their homework, have fun activities inside or weather permitting the children can go outside to play on the playground. We also provide care during the school breaks and summer breaks. We try to provide fun, exciting field trips through the summer break and some during the longer school breaks.

At Learning Path Childcare, LLC we provide healthy and nutritious meals that are made here at the center. We provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. You are welcomed to bring your child meals to eat, but we do have to still offer them a tray. We ask that you do not bring junk food, sodas, coffee, and candy please. Our goal is to help teach and develop healthy eating habits that the child can take with them throughout their school years. We use FP Assistance in implementing our menu and serving options.

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